THE BRONX - Lawmakers and other community leaders are trying to shut down a notorious Fenton Avenue party house that they say caters to short-term online renters.

"The owner of this property has turned his home into an illegal bed-and-breakfast and nightclub called the Fenton Lounge," state. Sen Jeffery Klein said Monday at a news conference condemning the frequent disturbances. 

The senator displayed billboards plastered with pictures of events purportedly thrown at the house. Some appeared to show strippers and wild backyard parties. Witnesses say they often included loud music.

Community leaders say the house is rented online at sites like Airbnb, so Klein has proposed a bill banning one- and two-family homes from serving as short-term rentals. 

Near the end of Klein's speech, the house's owner showed up and confronted the senator and the crowd, but he was apparently interrupted by hecklers.

Airbnb stopped listing the house on its pages after officials asked the company to do so.