HUNTS POINT - Hunts Points residents say two men deserve celebrity status for their work in helping turn their neighborhood into a greener place to live.

James Wells and Amilcar Laboy are Greenway Stewards for the Hunts Point neighborhood and are preparing the area for the creation of a greenway. The two men work with the group Sustainable South Bronx, an organization aimed at giving Bronx neighborhoods an environmental and economic rebirth.

Residents credit the pair for their early work in the Hunts Point greenway construction. So far, the two have taken to pruning and managing trees in the area, building benches for seniors and helping to control the weed growth at Riverside Park.

The Greenway Steward program will continue its work next year with the construction of a bike path and the planting of two rows of trees along Lafayette Avenue. Sustainable South Bronx says it has $20 million allocated for the program.

The stewards hope their work will help in "turning a cement jungle into a green ghetto"