THE BRONX - A popular corridor along Westchester Avenue is being used as a modern day dumping ground.

News 12 reports that strewn garbage is piling up along the streets of Westchester Square and pedestrians are looking to hold someone accountable.

Residents say garbage is being piled up on the streets between Blondell Avenue and Waters Place.

City Councilman James Vacca says he has been complaining about the trash for months. "There’s no maintenance program on a regular basis to keep Westchester Avenue clean.  The MTA should be ashamed of themselves," said Vacca.

The MTA admits to being responsible for the maintenance of sidewalks located three feet past the fence of the enclosed railyard. An MTA spokesperson said, “We clean the space on a regular basis but are clearly losing this battle against illegal dumping.  We have contacted the Department of Sanitation so they can address this issue," said resident Pedro Rodriguez.

News 12 reached out to the Department of Sanitation for a response and was told a cleaning chief has reached out to District 11 to investigate.