THE BRONX - A group of Bronx high school students with special needs is raising money to save a local animal rescue shelter.

Students at P.S. X721, the Stephen McSweeney School, have been volunteering at New Beginning Animal Rescue on Newbold Avenue.

They help clean, feed and walk the animals with the guidance of their special education teacher.

Now those trips may be in jeopardy since the rescue is struggling to stay afloat.

Owner Pedro Rosario says the rent alone is $4,700 a month, and he has been paying out of pocket to keep the not-for-profit shelter open. 

To date, the student volunteers have raised $1,500, and they say their goal is $10,000.

Since the rescue opened in 2010, more than 5,000 animals have been placed in loving homes.

On April 25, the shelter will be hosting an adoption fair for dogs and cats in need of a family.