THE BRONX - A New York City organization is using Thanksgiving and a new report to raise awareness of a food shortage that affects many in the Bronx.

The New York City Coalition against Hunger released a study on the status of hunger and food banks. It found that the number of those in the Bronx seeking food from food banks or other organizations has increased, while donations and subsidies have dropped.

Joel Berg of NYCCH says the numbers are an indication of an overall economic downturn. ?When the economy gets a cold, homeless people get pneumonia,? he says.

Berg says because of the food shortage, some agencies are cutting back on food portions or turning individuals away.

Advocates are asking for changes on a national level. They say the federal food stamp program needs improvement, as does the federal farm bill. They also say U.S. employers should promise to pay their workers a living wage.

People who want to get involved can do so by making monetary donations to an organization or maintaining their food donations during the entire calendar year.

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