THE BRONX - Despite the NYPD?s promise of courtesy, professionalism, and respect, some minorities feel that officers treat them differently- but a new study says that isn?t true.

The Rand Corporation?s study shows that the racial background of people who have been arrested is roughly similar to the background of people who have simply been stopped. The research also shows that whites were frisked at only a slightly lower percentage than non-whites - 29 percent to 33 percent.

However, critics question the study, wondering why the data is not public. The New York Civil Liberties Union says that the report appears to distort the data, and that the Rand Corporation often attempts to justify negative outcomes based on assumptions. In other words, they are trying to make excuses for the racial disparities that keep occurring.

The Rand Corporation is offering suggestions on how the NYPD can improve its practice and image, including giving a clear explanation as to why people are stopped. They also recommend officers report whether or not they had to use force, and they suggest officers with unusual racial stop patterns be investigated.

The study did find a small number of officers who stopped a substantially larger number of blacks and Hispanics than other officers on their patrol. Across the city, 15 officers had records that warranted special review.

Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly says the department will look into the Rand Corporation?s suggestions, but he did not say if any of the suggestions would be followed.