THE BRONX - A unique religious setting is located in Parkchester.

Under the roof of the Masijd al Iman, there is both a mosque and a synagogue.

Students from Israel traveled over 5,000 miles to the Bronx to visit the place of worship and hear how the two religions coexist under one space.

"It gives them a sense that they are not alone in their mission for creating international harmony and peace in their homes," says Alexandra Weeks, Development Coordinator for the Kabat Habiba organization.

The students were able to discuss their visions of peace with local Muslim leaders and see the mosque firsthand.

"Even the Muslim kids within our group have seen a different side of Islam, a different side of Muslim community work," says Gal Pelleg, an Israel representative at Givad Haviva.

The students say that they hope they can use what they learned together to further their goal of peace.