RIVERDALE - A talking signal is now guiding Riverdale residents across a busy intersection, but pedestrians complain the Department of Transportation still needs to retime the traffic lights.

The DOT recently installed the Bronx's first talking crossing signal, which community members say they had fought 20 years to get, at Netherland Avenue and Kappock Street. When the light is green, the traffic light announces "you can now cross."

"It makes a difference 'cause you're afraid ? petrified ? to cross. Especially if you're in a wheelchair 'cause the cars don't give you a break," Diva Metrit said.

However, some resident argue seniors and the visually impaired have another obstacle ? a "walk" signal that News 12 The Bronx timed out to last six seconds before it changes to a "don't walk" signal.

"It absolutely is not enough time. It never has been and obviously is not now. For people like myself, I'm reasonably fast, but I'm elderly," said Hilde Waring.

The DOT says if the flashing "don't walk" signal allows pedestrians enough time to cross the street there is no need to change the length of the signal.