ALBANY - (AP) - Tax returns show Gov. Andrew Cuomo's incometopped $200,000 last year from his salary as attorney general andinvestment income from mostly tax-exempt bonds. Lt. Gov. RobertDuffy and his wife list more than $234,000 in joint income fromtheir salaries and his Rochester police pension.

Cuomo reported $143,870 in salary and nearly $5,000 from taxableinterest and dividends. After deductions and exemptions, includinga $10,000 donation to a nonprofit organization that helps thehomeless, he owed $25,369 in federal taxes. He's due a refund of$8,050 withheld from his paychecks.

The governor's state return released Monday shows another$47,018 in income from federally tax-exempt bonds plus $4,533 instate retirement credits for total income of $200,160. He owes$3,582 on combined state and New York City taxes of $18,631.