THE BRONX - Teachers at P.S. 96 in the Bronx say they can?t park on any of the three streets that surround their school because of Department of Transportation parking signs.

Teachers who have special Department of Education parking permits claim they can't park legally because DOT signs don't specify that they're allowed.

Teachers say they arrive at P.S. 96 as early as 6:45 a.m. just to start looking for a legal parking spot. According to some teachers, their efforts are often unsuccessful, forcing them to park blocks away from the school.

Teachers like Lillie Knwankwo take a risk and park illegally. Some have to leave the school during their lunch or prep break to check on their cars.

?The people are quick to come and give tickets," Knwankwo says. "And they don?t say 'oh because it?s a teacher.? They don?t care. They make you pay the $100 tickets.?

The DOT says it will send someone to check out the issue, but isn?t making any promises that teachers will be able to park on the streets.