(07/13/07) THE BRONX ? The peace and quiet of a summer afternoon on Edwards Avenue was shattered by a fatal shooting Thursday afternoon.

Investigators say 17-year-old Victor Maldonado was shot and killed while visiting cousins. According to neighbors, the gunman ran out of the apartment after the shooting and stole a teacher?s car at a nearby school.

Police later arrested Paul Colon in connection with the incident. He is charged with robbery, murder and weapons possession.

As for his motive, the victim?s uncle, Landy Betances, believes it could be jealousy stemming from a completely innocent situation. The accused shooter is apparently dating the victim?s cousin, and Betances believes Colon may have seen the victim and his female cousin together, did not know about their family relationship and got the wrong idea.

Betances says the suspect?s name has been reported wrong. He says it is actually Justin. Police claim the name Paul is correct.