THE BRONX - Another Bronx NYCHA tenant says rain leaks through her ceiling, this time in the Sedgwick Houses.

Isabel Andino, 64, says that the leaks have been happening for the last three months, leaving her floors flooded in every room of her apartment.

At one point, she says she had to deal with water up to her ankles, which caused mold and broke apart her floors and walls.

She says the damage forced her to take shelter with family members.

Andino says she first reported the problem to NYCHA in October and took the Housing Authority to court in November when it hadn't been fixed.

The court ruled in Andino's favor, but the leaks continue.

NYCHA says the leak has been traced to the exterior of the building. The Housing Authority said in a statement that it's reviewing remediation steps.

Earlier this week, News 12 reported another rainwater leak in the Webster Houses, and a pipe leak in the Sotomayor Houses.