THE BRONX - A Bronx woman claims mysterious soot in her apartment has destroyed her quality of life, and now she's hired a lawyer to get to the bottom of the situation.

Angela McBride previously spoke to News 12 The Bronx about the problem at 816 Manida St., but says the situation has only deteriorated since that time. McBride says she's been forced to throw away many belongings due to soot that continues to cover everything. She's also had to take her two young children to the emergency room for chest and throat infections.

"I can't cook a meal in here," McBride says. "We barely can breathe, we're barely living."

Since she first spoke to News 12, McBride says city inspectors gave the building owner 30 days to fix the unit. However, ownership told her she'd first have to vacate the apartment. Although the owners offered her another apartment, she'd have to give up her current lease. McBride thinks that's just too risky.

McBride believes the soot is coming from the boiler, which is located directly underneath her apartment. McBride also says neighbors have told her five tenants have lived in her unit in the past six years, which leads her to believe that ownership is simply painting over the soot that collects on the walls.

Management says it needs 60 days to fix the unit, according to McBride. However, she believes a structural renovation needs to be performed, which would take longer than that time.

McBride has hired a lawyer, but claims she can't get in touch with the management company. News 12 The Bronx has also reached out to the building's owners and is awaiting a response.

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