THE BRONX - Tenants are speaking out about amenity charges they say are unfair and illegal in their apartment complex.

Tenants along Townstead Avenue claim that for years they weren't charged for having air conditioning and washing machines in their apartment until Chestnut Holdings took over in 2008. They also say they have been charged with a legal fee that most of them don't understand.

Now, tenants are demanding to be paid back for the charges.

A CUNY Law graduate and the Bronx group Community Action for Safe Apartments, who are working on the case, say that all the charges are illegal.

"If you have your air conditioner for three years and a new person comes and buys the building, and the prior landlord was not charging you, the new landlord cannot charge because it's been waived," says CUNY Law School graduate Stacey Silliman.

The complaints have been sent to the State Division of Housing and Community Renewal and could head to court.

News 12 tried to get in touch with Chestnut Holding, which owns a majority of the buildings, but has not heard back.