THE BRONX - Residents of the Mitchel Houses in Mott Haven say their complaints of leaks and crumbling ceilings have gone unanswered by NYCHA.

Resident Ronette Andrews says it's a major problem that's hanging over her head: a huge chunk of her bathroom ceiling has caved in. She says it started with a small leak, but one day part of the ceiling came crashing down, leaving a gaping hole.

Andrews says she's afraid to take a shower or even go in her bathroom at all for fear that the tub belonging to the neighbor above her could come crashing down.

Andrews says she has calling the city's Housing Authority several times, but claims she was just told to cover the hole with a garbage bag. She says she's found holes in that garbage bag that she believes could be from rats.

Several other tenants in the building let News 12 The Bronx into their homes, and they were dealing with much of the same: leaks and ceilings that look like they could collapse.

News 12 reached out to NYCHA about the issue, but has not yet received a response.