THE BRONX - The Tenants Association of 2730 Grand Concourse surprised their landlord with a rally outside his office Wednesday, demanding he recognize their legal rights as tenants.

The group tacked Valentine's cards on the office windows of landlord Jacob Selechnik. The tenants are accusing Selechnik of chronic neglect and a history of illegal actions.

The group demanded a face-to-face meeting with the landlord, who they say can never be reached. The unhappy tenants were protesting a rent boost enforced by Selechnik that they say takes advantage of them.

According to the tenants, no capital improvements have been made to the building to increase its value. They also say the repairs that have been made don't cost as much as Selechnik claims. The tenants association also says rent and retroactive rent is calculated incorrectly.

The Village Voice selected Selechnik as number five on the 2006 list of the city's worst landlords.