THE BRONX - Some tenants in Claremont are thankful that a long-broken elevator in their building is finally up and running again.

The lone elevator at 747 East 168th St. broke down Feb. 17. The building houses many wheelchair-bound tenants, some of whom had to ascend six flights of stairs to visit their doctors while the elevator wasn't in service.

Tenant Alexander Green says that his grandmother needs dialysis regularly and had issues using the stairs.

"She had trouble getting up the stairs," he says. "It takes her about 30 minutes to get up to reach the fourth floor from the first floor. She has pains in her legs, pains in her knees throughout the day due to the elevator."

The elevator was repaired a while back, but a city inspector had to give the green light for it to be used. According to the Department of Buildings, as of March 13 no repairs had been made, and that it was the responsibility of the property owner to call Kraus Management Company to arrange an inspection.

Hours after News 12 arrived at the building, the elevator was repaired.