THE BRONX - Tenants of the Morris Houses are fed up with what they say are horrible conditions that are not being fixed by the New York City Housing Authority. 

With the help of the Urban Justice Center, tenants of the complex filed a lawsuit against NYCHA for a long list of needed repairs including conditions like water leaks, mold and rodent infestations. 

One tenant says she can't take a hot shower or the makeshift wall will melt off.

State Sen. Gustavo Rivera and Assemblyman Michael Blake showed up at 140 Washington Ave. to see the conditions firsthand.

"A kid should not be growing up in mold," Blake said. "A kid should be growing up with school supplies and books, and be able to laugh and relax."

Some residents believe that some of the conditions like mold have brought on medical issues. One tenant says her two children both have asthma and her daughter also has a skin problem. 

The case has been pending since 2014, but a hearing is expected next week to address whether NYCHA should be fined for not making repairs.

Although NYCHA says it cannot comment on any pending litigation, a spokesperson says, "The authority is committed to creating safer, cleaner and more connected communities at Morris Houses and across the city."

More than 25 Morris Houses residents are filing the lawsuit against NYCHA, with over 100 violations cited in total. The tenants say they didn't actually want to go to court, they just wanted help their concerns addressed.