THE BRONX - Residents of one Kelly Avenue apartment complex say they?re living in horrible conditions, and that their building looks more like a haunted house than a place to live.

Tenants gave News 12 The Bronx a tour of the complex. There are feces on the floor and in bathtubs, and used needles lie throughout the building. Some of the apartments have no windows. Residents of the apartment complex say there is a place in the building where people break in to spend the night.

According to tenants, they pay between $1,300 and $1,700 a month for their apartments, and they say they can?t go on living this way.

The Buildings Department says they have received several complaints and have issued violations to the owner in the past for failure to maintain the building. Some of the violations include missing floor joists, missing plaster, and exposed wood beams. The Department says the last complaint they received was in 2003 for a collapsed bathroom ceiling.

Residents say they will continue to fight for their well-being. They say the most frustrating thing about the situation is not that they pay a significant amount of rent and see no results, but that they feel the landlord is putting a price on their safety.