MOTT HAVEN - A new space for the creative arts has opened in Mott Haven.

The Compound is a space for artists, musicians, athletes and even businesses to find inspiration for new projects.

"It's like the Alice and Wonderland of the Bronx to me," says curator Set Free Richardson. "The ideology is like Andy Warhol's Fun Factory meets Electric Lady Studios. So it's a place where art and music come together."

Creative people, both famous and up-and-coming, can collaborate and brainstorm at the facility. Some high-profile visitors include Swizz Beatz and Chris Rock, Richardson says.

One product already in the works is a counterfeit-proof chip designed to be inserted in high-end sneakers so buyers can be sure they're getting authentic goods.

Richardson also offered some advice for artists trying to get into the Compound.

"Keep working very hard, and if we notice you, we will come talk to you," he says.