THE BRONX - A Bronx mother says that her family has been living without power for over a month and that her landlord is responsible. 

Antwana Powell claims her landlord is retaliating against her family because she blew the whistle on him about an illegal shared meter. 

Powell realized something was wrong when her electric bills were as much as $600. She contacted Con Edison and found out that her meter was supplying service to the majority of the three-family home.

Con Edison notified her landlord, Osondu Ibom, that the meter had to be fixed. But she claims he never fixed the problem and turned off her power instead. 

The Bronx mother of four is now forced to go to a relative’s house when it gets dark. 

Ibom denies any claim that he is retaliating. 

He told News 12 that Powell was the one responsible for creating the shared meter and will not cooperate to fix the problem. 

Both sides are heading to housing court on Friday to plead their cases.