THE BRONX - A Bronx tenant says she's been battling her landlord in court for almost six months over delayed repairs.

Thelma Brown, who lives at 1789 Davidson Ave., says she's worried that the long wait for a handful of repairs is endangering her daughter, who has autism.

Her apartment has bugs, roaches, mold and even rats, she says.

Her landlord, Prestige Management, repaired a leak in her living room ceiling, but otherwise has left numerous violations unfixed in the apartment, Brown says. 

She says her front door won't close all the way, and she has no heat.

According to Brown, Prestige offered to move her to a different apartment, but it was in even greater disrepair.

Prestige says Brown did not accept the offer to move to the other apartment.

The company also tells News 12 that on more than one occasion, Brown did not let workers into the apartment to perform repairs.

A court decision requires the company to make repairs between July 26 and 28 and again on Aug. 16.