THE BRONX - Residents in Throggs Neck are pleading for help cleaning up a trash-filled property that they say has been abandoned for years. 

News 12 was first called to the dilapidated two-story home three years ago, and people living on Schley Avenue say that not much has changed since then. They complain that the house is not only an eyesore, but also a health hazard that's bringing down the whole block.

A city sanitation worker admitted off-camera that his crew doesn't pick up curbside at the house because of the unsafe and unsanitary conditions there. 

According to the city's Department of Finance website and a sanitation ticket from February of this year, the property owner is James Mau. 

Sen. Jeff Klein's office says he reached out to Chase Bank, the mortgage holder for the property, and it will be sending a cleaning crew to the site next week. Klein's office says this is the second time the bank has taken responsibility for the area because Mau has been unresponsive to requests to maintain the property.

News 12 reached out to Councilman James Vacca and Community Board 10 about the issue, but is still waiting for a call back.