THROGS NECK - A group of civilians is stepping up to help police patrol their community.

Niko Kritikos says he started the neighborhood watch to patrol the community from Pelham Parkway to the water.

Although the areas aren’t know for crime, there are small incidents the group wants to prevent.

"Tires and rims being stolen, every night there are kids going through cars for loose change. There are little crimes the police needs a little help with some extra resources," says Kritikos.

More than a dozen volunteers have signed up to help law enforcement by patrolling the areas day and night.

The group says before it can begin working and patrolling the streets, it needs help from the community it is trying to protect.

"We’re asking for the community to come out and help out. We have a GoFundMe page and that's how we need a lot of help right now," says Kritikos.

Once the group gets radios, jackets and insurance, it will be ready to stand watch and help the police.