THROGS NECK - Bronx residents say squatters living in nearby homes are posing a threat to the safety of their neighborhoods and the entire borough.

Neighbors say the house at 2878 Randall Ave. in Throgs Neck has been occupied by squatters for several years. Jennifer Gennity, one neighbor, says the house has significant structural damage and is littered with garbage in the front and back yards. According to other residents on the street, the people living inside the home frequently fight and bring vicious dogs on the property.

"There's been fighting, the cops [have been] called," Gennity says. "It didn't make me feel safe for my kids." The Department of Housing Preservation and Development issued a notice last week demanding the squatters vacate the Randall Avenue home. Bronx Councilman James Vacca says the Throgs Neck house is just one among many in the borough overrun by squatters. Vacca says landlords have to be held accountable for maintaining their properties.