THROGS NECK - A popular Throgs neck wedding venue got back in business in record time, holding weddings and events just a day after a car crashed into it.

An out-of-control SUV slammed into Villa Barone Manor at 737 Throgs Neck Expressway Wednesday, damaging granite pillars, the glass front doors, chandeliers in the atrium and more.

"We were shedding tears when we first saw the accident," says Anthony Orza, a manager at Villa Barone. "We got about 1,500 emails from brides-to-be. They were concerned."

Within hours, Orza says maintenance workers, carpenters and other skilled laborers were at the scene. The work was completed in about 12 hours.

An event was held a day later, with many people saying they had no idea that an accident occurred the day before. The venue also held a wedding and reception on Saturday.