THE BRONX - Workers from the Department of Environmental Protection converged on Brush Avenue Friday morning to clean up the aftermath of Thursday's storm that turned the street into an impassible river.

Work crews spent hours draining the water in front of the Pepsi plant located on Brush Avenue, but people working in the neighborhood say with more rain in forecast for this weekend, the street will not stay dry for long.

"The water's gone this morning," says Bill Nilsson, who works in the area. "But I'm sure it'll be back. Every time it rains, it comes back."

According to sources at the DEP, Pepsi built three water basins along Brush Avenue but has yet to turn them on. Workers say when runoff from the roof pours down to the street, it clogs the sewage system.

"Last week, there was an 80-year-old man that was actually stuck in there," Nilsson says. "We had to pull him out."