THE BRONX - The Taxi and Limousine Commission is cracking down on illegal cabs that have become a frequent sight along White Plains Road in the Bronx.

TLC?s undercover ?Operation Street Hail? is aimed at cutting down the number of unregistered drivers operating illegal taxis in New York City, which raises public safety concerns.

According to TLC, when using illegal cabs, there is no way to verify that the driver is licensed and insured, or has passed a drug test. It says even the yellow cabs that look legitimate are illegal without a TLC medallion.

People who get into these illegal taxis hope to get a cheap ride, but some passengers say that the hustlers who operate these cabs would often triple the price when arriving at the destination.

Safety is another thing that bothers passengers.

?If a woman gets into the cab and he's not a legal cab he can take her anywhere, and once she's in the car he can lock the door and take her where he wants to take her,? said Jerry Jones, who has used illegal cabs in the past.