THE BRONX - A tractor-trailer careened over a guardrail and injured three people Monday in an accident that closed down the Cross Bronx and Sheridan expressways for hours.

The tractor-trailer hit two cars and went out of control around 12 p.m. on the Cross Bronx Expressway near exits 4A and 4B, officials say. The driver sustained minor injuries and was able to get out of the truck on his own.

Part of the tractor-trailer dangled dangerously over the Sheridan Expressway for hours until crews cleared the scene with cranes.

Emergency officials say the injured people were taken to St. Barnabas Hospital. They say that two of the victims had serious injuries but are expected to be OK.

For five to six hours, the accident forced officials to close the Cross Bronx Expressway in both directions at Sheridan Expressway beginning at exits 4A and 4B, and the Sheridan Expressway in both directions at the Cross Bronx Expressway from East 177th Street to 174th Street.

Delays were also reported on the New York-bound George Washington Bridge because of the crash.

Officials say that the truck was carrying only a light load of cargo, which reduced the damage it could have done.