THE BRONX - City officials say they will review a MetroCard fare decrease proposal for low-income New Yorkers.

The Riders Alliance and the Community Service Society says it has put together a proposal that would cut the current $2.75 MetroCard fare by half the price.

"Almost everyone in the city except for low-income folks get a discount: seniors, people with disabilities, students, middle class and wealthy people get a discount through pre-tax benefits," says Rebecca Bailin, of the Riders Alliance.

Advocates say one out of four families in New York City fall below the poverty line and simply cannot afford a roundtrip ride.

The groups claim they could bankroll the program by tapping into revenue from higher gas surcharges and new bridge tolls.

In response to the initiative, the mayor's office released a statement saying in part, "The Riders Alliance and the Community Service Society have put together an interesting proposal, and we look forward to reviewing the report in greater detail."

Advocates point to cities like Seattle, San Francisco and London that offer mass transit discounts to riders who fall below the poverty line.