SOUTH BRONX - Local residents say the success of a trendy new spot in the South Bronx is being threatened by a lack of cleanliness on its block.

Street sweepers have been working to eliminate some of the trash around Sorbo, but there is only one catch basin nearby. Michael Pollack, whose family has owned real estate in the South Bronx for 20 years, says he has long had high hopes for the area.

?This area could be the meat packing district with clubs, bars providing thousands of jobs,? he says. However, pools of slimy water and sewage have been a detriment to those plans.

Pollack says the problem emanates from a transfer station run by the city?s Department of Sanitation. He says that more than 100 trucks ride through the block daily, leaving behind dust and dirt. Pollack says he has spoken with the city to resolve the problem but no resolution has been reached.

Officials with the DOS say they clean up the area as much as possible. They also say they are looking to institute hybrid trucks in the future, which could help reduce the leftover trash and stench.