THE BRONX - Tenants in one Tremont building say they're dreading another winter storm because they've been without heat or gas for nearly two years. 

Residents in six apartments at 731 East 175th St. say that the gas and heat hasn't worked since they moved into the brand new building in 2012, and that the landlord, Indera Singh, is not doing anything to help.
They say they've contacted Con Edison, but were told that the landlord never requested the services be turned on. They've also reached out to 311, but nothing has been done. 
The tenants have been relying on hot plates and electric heaters, which they say is also causing their electricity bills to skyrocket.

News 12 reached out to the landlord, but has not yet heard back. News 12 was able to contact the building owner, who hung up the phone after only a few seconds. 

A Con Edison spokesperson says the landlord filed for new gas service about five days ago, but the building will have to pass inspection before having the gas begin. 

Until then, residents are being forced to keep warm with space heaters, which one denizen says has raised her Con Ed bill up to $900.