THE BRONX - Tenants in Tremont are not only struggling to keep warm outside, but are also feeling the frigid cold in their homes.

Residents in one 60-unit apartment building at 2165 Ryer Ave. say they have no heat, forcing them to layer up on clothes and use their stoves or electric heaters for warmth.

The families complain that living without heat has been an ongoing problem since the management company Ved Parkash took over in 2005. They say they've made numerous calls to their landlord, 311 and the Housing Preservation Department, but nothing has been done to help.

News 12 tried to speak to the building superintendent, but only found a note saying that the boiler is broken.

The city's winter heat guidelines require landlords to keep it at least 68 degrees indoors between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. when the temperature outside is below 55 degrees. It must also be at least 55 degrees in your apartment during the overnight hours if it's below 40 degrees outdoors.