THE BRONX - A man says his dog was stolen from his unlocked delivery truck in the Bronx last Thursday.

Fito Irribarra, a truck driver from New Jersey, says his 14-month-old Maltese, Angelo, has been missing since Thursday afternoon.

Irribarra says the dog and his GPS were both stolen while he was making a delivery to a Jerome Avenue business.

A few minutes after he saw the dog was missing he received an anonymous call.

"He said, ‘well, I found your dog,’ and he wanted a $200 finder fee," says Irribarra.

Irribarra says the man never called back.

According to Irribarra, the dog served as his companion on long-haul deliveries. Irribarra, a diabetic, says the dog could even detect changes in his blood sugar.

Irribarra has been posting fliers around the neighborhood and says someone spotted a Maltese puppy near 182nd Street and Davidson Avenue this weekend.