NEW YORK - More than a dozen buildings in New York City bear the name of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

With the New York primary just 10 days away, some are wondering will all the name recognition help Trump win the primary in the state he calls home.

Donald Trump’s empire far exceeds the revenue from NBC’s hit “The Apprentice,” which catapulted him further into celebrity status.

Trump said his production company made more than $4 million from January 2014 to mid-2015 in his federal election disclosure report. That is just a fraction of the $150 million his New York City-registered businesses raked in during the 18-month reporting period.

In the report, Trump lists 515 business ventures around the world, with 457 of them registered in New York City.

Real estate is his biggest earner, with $60 million in rents and more than $14 million in sales generated.

Trump owns Trump Tower, where he lives, and 40 Wall St., but many other of the 17 buildings in the city bearing Trump’s name were either developed or managed by Trump but are not actually owned by him.

Trump runs a privately held company, meaning that not everything his businesses actually make is publicly known.

Political opponents say running the country is not just a business deal, and like any businessman, some of Trump's deals failed, like his plan in the 1990s to build the tallest building in the world. He lost control of the project but a different building was built, one that still bears his name, glittering in gold.