SOUNDVIEW - Two fatal shootings at Bronx parks have left residents on edge and police still searching for suspects Monday.

Police say 34-year-old David Bamberg was shot in the chest Sunday night at Pelham Bay Park. He died before making it to Jacobi Medical Center. Witnesses told officers they saw a man fleeing the scene in a green Toyota after the incident.

A makeshift memorial of candles, a teddy bear and notes stand in Soundview Park after Larry Wynn, affectionately known as "Tuffy," was gunned down Saturday.

One woman says hundreds of people were packed into the park before the shooting for an annual block party. Witnesses told News 12 The Bronx a fight broke out and 20-year-old Wynn was fatally shot in the back.

Some Soundview Park patrons say while they see police patrolling, more officers are needed in the area. They also say they will continue to go to the park because they have no other recreational options nearby.No arrests have been made in either shooting.