THE BRONX - The National Institute for Mental Health says nearly one in five Americans suffers from an anxiety disorder. They also say one in 15 Americans suffers from depression.

Dr. Sonali Sharma, of the Union Community Health Center, says there is a difference between everyday worries and something more serious.

“Basically, when it spills over into your home life, your work life, your personal life, that's when we get worried,” she told News 12.

She says many people are not comfortable going to a mental health care provider for anxiety or depression. The UCHC, which has four Bronx locations, equipped general physicians with the training and tools to help patients. Doctors can then refer patients to an expert, if more help is required.

Dr. Sharma says offering support to someone struggling with a mental health issue is the best thing a person can do.

“If you see someone suffering, don't ignore it. People who are suffering often really want to help,” said Dr. Sharma.