THE BRONX - The country's largest and oldest pickle supplier, a fourth-generation family business, preserved its legacy for generations in the Bronx.

The United Pickle Co., which is almost 100 years old, moved to the Bronx in the 1950s, according to officials.

Co-owner Stephen Leibowitz says a good pickle starts with a freshly cut cucumber and a great brine -- his family's secret recipe, brought to the United States from Europe. 

Leibowitz says the business keeps fresh with a well-preserved philosophy – its familial atmosphere and tasty products.

"We run our shop like a family," Leibowitz says. "I don't have co-workers. I have cousins." 

United Pickle, which employs around 50 people at its Park Avenue location, is owned by two families.

The company says it jars more than 100 varieties of pickles for domestic and international distribution by Nathan’s Worldwide. Some shipments go as far as South Korea.