VAN CORTLANDT PARK - The 111-year-old Van Cortlandt Golf Course clubhouse is sporting a new look after undergoing some major renovations.

Much of the history of the clubhouse is still in place, but there were some things that needed updating, according to Susan Arann, designer of the new clubhouse.

The course is owned by the city, but the clubhouse is co-owned with some partners. They spent $5 million over the last five years to make improvements on both the inside and outside of the building.

Upstairs, a locker room for players has stayed intact, but a few of these lockers were brought downstairs and are displayed in the new pro shop.

Celebrities who golfed at the course are displayed as well, like Babe Ruth and the Three Stooges.

The golf course and clubhouse are now open to the public. While there is not much golfing going on because of the snow, locals are invited to come for lunch.