THE BRONX - Neighbors and local community board leaders want a Bronx mattress warehouse shut down after they say the company is violating city health ordinances.

They claim Benny Mattress Corporation on Van Buren Street is repurposing old mattresses and selling them as new.

Old and used mattresses lay on the ground unprotected by plastic wrap outside the company's warehouse Tuesday as an officer with the Department of Sanitation issued the company with a summons. 

City ordinance says any mattresses or box spring must be sealed in plastic in order to prevent the spread of bedbugs. 

Bronx Community Board 11 leaders say the lot outside the warehouse is also filled with garbage from the business. 

To make matters worse, neighbors suspect the company is taking mattresses off of the street and repurposing them illegally.  

According to the Department of Buildings, Benny Mattress is under investigation for illegal use of the site for mattress storage and had its license revoked once back in 2013. 

The landlord of the building says the company also owes $80,000 in unpaid rent.