THE BRONX - Bronx veterans living in the Kingsbridge Terrace Jericho Project building say they are looking forward to showering in their own homes after 11 days of no heat or hot water.

After a gas leak on April 29, heat and hot water were shut off to be repaired in the building.

A spokesperson for the Jericho Project, the nonprofit organization that runs the supportive housing building for veterans, says memo updates were posted around the building, and managers were talking to tenants about the issue while trying to fix it.

Jericho Project says it offered tenants space heaters and MetroCards so they could bathe at other Jericho Project facilities.

The CEO of Jericho Project, Tori Lyon, says repair crews had been working nonstop the past 10 days to fix the situation.

At around 5 p.m. Monday, Con Ed crews showed up to the building to inspect it, meet with a plumber and run some tests before finally turning the gas back on.