THE BRONX - A man accused of assaulting his pregnant daughter in Puerto Rico could be hiding out in the Bronx.

Chynna Crespo Cruz and her son, who is less than 1 month old, are recovering in a Puerto Rico hospital after Cruz was allegedly assaulted by her father, Edgar Randolph Crespo.

Lisa Cruz, the victim's mother, says Crespo kicked his pregnant daughter in the stomach on Feb. 27, when she was three weeks shy of her delivery date. Cruz's son had to be delivered by emergency cesarean section.

The victim's mother says Crespo has a history of violent behavior and has been in mental institutions five times.

She says she believes Crespo may be hiding out in the Bronx and could be staying at a homeless shelter.

Police say that because this case stretches between two countries, anyone who sees Crespo should call 911. From there, the National Crime Information Center would be contacted and Cruz would be extradited to Puerto Rico.