THE BRONX - Friends, family and community members held a vigil Friday night for the Bronx deli worker who was shot and killed while trying to quell an altercation.

As News 12 The Bronx has reported, Efrain Guzman, 30, is facing a murder charge in the killing of Wali Camara, 49.

Guzman allegedly got into a fight with workers inside a Valentine Avenue bodega near East 19th Street in Bedford Park prior to the shooting.

After responding officers escorted him out of the deli, he allegedly grabbed an officer's gun and fired shots that killed Camara.

People at the vigil questioned why NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton or Mayor Bill De Blasio have not yet addressed the killing. They also want to know why the suspect was not cuffed while being led out of the bodega.

Since 2014, the NYPD has been replacing old gun holsters with new ones that lock weapons in all directions. The department says that more than 8,000 officers have been trained using the new holsters.

Guzman's next court date is Sept. 1. His charges include murder, criminal possession of a firearm and attempted murder of a police officer.