THE BRONX - Police have released surveillance video of a violent robbery at a bodega that occurred in Mount Hope last week.

According to investigators, one of two suspects came into the store with his face covered, hopped over the counter and used a stun gun to shock store owner, Tawfik Almnutsar.

Almnutsar suffered scratches on his leg and neck, and was left with a burned T-shirt following the incident.

The robbery happened just before midnight on Saturday at 1866 Anthony Ave., near the corner of East Tremont Avenue.

On the video, the second suspect runs in and also jumps onto the counter to get to the cash register where he took nearly $1,500.  

The 24-hour deli has not been opened during overnight hours since the crime. Cops say the victim has gone to the hospital on three different occasions since the incident occurred.

Almnutsar says he plans on installing a bullet-proof store front for further protection.