THE BRONX - A judge from the Bronx is attempting to bring down the number of cases that are backlogged in the borough's courts.

Judge Douglas McKeon, who is overseeing an attempt to clear the docket, says things are changing. The reduction in old cases is thanks in part to a handful of judges from other boroughs and neighboring towns who have come in to help the current judges get through cases faster.

In just six months, McKeon says the number of pending cases in the Bronx has dropped from nearly 5,600 to about 4,100, a drop of 27 percent. The average number of days a case sits around has dropped from 455 to 383.

Many of the cases that were disposed of ended with plea deals.

Attorney Sam Braverman says he hasn't noticed an enormous improvement in case movement, but McKeon says it will take time.

The visiting judges will likely be available until the fall, in which case the normal Bronx judges will continue to work to decrease the number of caseloads on their own.