THROGS NECK - As New York?s Feb. 5 presidential primary approaches, Bronx voters are voicing their opinions about the issues important to them.

The economy, health care and the war in Iraq are among the issues voters are talking about. One Riverdale Democrat said the war should be the issue candidates are most concerned about, though it is taking a back seat to the economy on the national level.

Morrisania voters told News 12 The Bronx health care should be the top priority.

?In parts of the Bronx and Brooklyn and other boroughs, there?s a significant number of people who don?t have health care let alone adequate health care,? New York political analyst Arnold Linhardt says. He says that?s why so many are concerned.

A Throgs Neck senior citizen says rising medical costs are also a big issue, while another resident says the economy, national security and terrorism would be the issues drawing him into the voting booth.

Lindhardt says overall the issues that are important to Bronx residents are important to voters nationwide.