THE BRONX - Residents in Wakefield claim they don't have sidewalk curbs because the city didn't install them.

The residents say they received violations in 2011 from the city's Department of Transportation for having no curbs in front of their homes.  They say they are willing to correct the problem, if the city steps in and does its part.

The DOT issued 29 violations near Wilder Avenue for the defective sidewalks, and said it is up to the property owners to fix the violations. 

John Acevedo and some of his neighbors claim the notices also state if property owners can't fix the violation themselves, the city will do it and bill them for the work.

Acevedo says he is willing to pay to get his property up to code, which would cost him about $5,000, but says the city has neglected to start the work for four years.

Neighbors say they just don't have the time to get permits and hire contractors.

They say if the city wants the violations corrected, it should follow up and do the job itself.