WEST FARMS - West Farms residents are seeking justice after four dogs were found dead inside shoeboxes outside.

Brunilda Torres says she found the dead dogs while she was out walking one of her three dogs on Wednesday. Torres says her dog stopped to sniff the boxes on two separate occasions, so she looked inside the boxes.

Investigators say a female dog and three puppies were left inside the shoeboxes along Wyatt Street near Bronx Park Avenue. Witnesses say the boxes were stacked neatly next to a tree stump for at least two days.

The dogs appeared to have broken bones and matted fur. The police turned the dogs over to the ASPCA. Investigators are not ruling out animal cruelty in the case. So far, no cause of death has been determined.

Residents want justice for the dogs, saying that the person responsible for the dogs' deaths should get jail time.

"I want justice," says dog lover Patricia Figueroa. "I want justice for those four little dogs."