THE BRONX - A Bronx man who uses a wheelchair says an experience at a movie theater could have been avoided if there were more specific ticket options for disabled people. 

Rivera Enniger, who has been in a wheelchair for the past two years after getting into a motorcycle accident, says he and his friends went to the AMC Theatre at Bay Plaza last weekend.

He says after purchasing a ticket from the digital kiosk, he pulled into the wheelchair area with his friends sitting next to him. After the movie started, Enniger says a movie theater usher came over to him, saying that someone else had purchased the seats he and his friends were in and they had to move.

Enniger later found out another disabled customer bought tickets to the same wheelchair area.

A spokesperson for AMC says the theatre is a reserved seating theater and Enniger was in the wrong seats.

"The computer ticket system needs to be upgraded, because it's ridiculous — you're buying a ticket where you don't even know where you're sitting," Enniger says.

Enniger received a full refund for his ticket, but says the incident caused him about four hours of inconvenience because he needed an Access-A-Ride to get him to the theater and to bring him back home.

He says having a specific wheelchair area option on the kiosk ticketing system would be helpful so incidents like his don't happen to other disabled people in the future.