WASHINGTON - New Yorkers who work in education could be among the state's biggest losers in automatic cuts to the federal budget, which are on track to begin this week.

According to a report issued by the White House Sunday, 590 teacher and teacher aide jobs are at risk as primary and secondary schools stand to lose about $43 million.

The cuts could seriously impact about 4,300 children who could lose access to Head Start and Early Head Start programs. About $36 million will also be cut from nearly 500 employees who work with children with disabilities.

Senior citizens may be on the losing end as well. The White House says that New York would lose nearly $1.5 million to provide meals to the elderly.

The state's Department of Defense workers won't be spared, with about 12,000 civilian employees expected to be furloughed, and funding for the operation of Army bases in the state would be cut by $108 million.

The White House compiled the numbers from federal agencies and its own budget office as it seeks to avoid the impending economic fallout. The numbers are based on the $85 billion in cuts that are set to take effect Friday if the White House and Congress don't reach an agreement on a deficit-reduction plan.